Ane Storm

Kandidat til Borgerrepræsentationen i København


I want to make a difference for Copenhagen and all its diverse citizens!

I am an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience; business leader with years of prior experience from the public sector as well as in a global company (Nordic Quality Leader). Holds Master degrees within Economics (Southern Danish University), Management Development (CBS) and Business Development (CBS).

Privately, I am a mother of three grown children, and a small dog. As a child living in countryside, spend several years living North of Copenhagen. Nowadays we live in the middle of Copenhagen. Enjoying the city as well as all the green areas around in the municipality.

I am dedicated to freedom, diversity, and change.

Citizens have different needs and desires. Therefore, we must have more free choices with the freedom to be leaders of our own lives. As a society, we must dare to develop without the fear of failure. Otherwise, our capital city will be left behind while the world moves on. We must reconstruct Copenhagen as a sustainable city full of life and liberty for all citizens.



You know best how to live your life, so we need the freedom to empower our lives. We must open up for more free choices for all citizens - young or old, single or a family. More local offers tailored an individual instead of solely standard solutions. We must have trust in ourselves, societal workers, and strangers in the street.


· Ability to choose public or private opportunities within kindergartens, schools as well as elderly care and/or nurture homes

· As a public employer we need to “set all employees free” – to make sure, they as leaders and employees will be able to serve citizens in an open and flexible way

· Ensure freedom to experience life in our city – as well as travelling round the World

· Ensure our new citizens will have the opportunity to feel the Danish freedom and are able to have a full and efficient introduction to their opportunities when moving to Denmark. Having “one-stop-shop” to help all public services presented and implemented as soon as needed


Citizens are different with their own distinct personality and preferences. We need to nurture this diversity. We must always meet as equals - regardless of origin, gender, and orientation. Societal development occurs outside the fixed box, so we must ensure more flexible solutions within the welfare system and local protocols.


· Supporting and empowering diversity with different opportunities within business, pleasure, sport, and culture

· Digitize public services to acknowledge and work with different needs in an effective way

· Inviting and organizing people, new to Copenhagen, in network groups to build up relationships, share experience of “how to” and support each other when being in a new country seems a little bit challenging

· Build specific focus events appreciating our citizens and all the different competencies they bring to Copenhagen


Our city must be willing to change. We should question the status quo and adapt the system to the needs of its citizens. Local entrepreneurship and engagement must be free to flourish with support from the council. Also, the townscape must change with more green havens. In sum - decrease bureaucracy and increase biodiversity.


· The Danish public administration must innovate – based at needs from citizens and new digital opportunities

· Opening up for a more international focus in some of our public services, e.g. bilingual kindergartens, health centers and job centers